3. júní 2007

A genius

Ég tók greindarpróf á netinu og stóð mig þokkalega. Í heildina er greindarvísitala mín 149 IQ.

Your General IQ Score of 149 shows how able your mind is in general. Anyone with a General IQ Score this high is considered to be a genius. This score is better than 99.95% of all persons taking this test. All known occupations can be comprehended with a General IQ this high. You should be able to handle any academic challenges.

Endilega prufið að taka þátt, bara gaman að þessu.

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Nafnlaus sagði...

wow! well, we always knew it.. Fjóla a genius, it doesn´t surprise me at all!! We certainly think you´re VERY special and can´t wait to see you in Iceland in a couple of weeks time. By the way, I hear your daughter is very clever too for passing all her exams so WELL DONE to her! Otis says he can´t wait to see you and have a cuddle and go to your nursery with you for fun and games with the other children, See you soon. Lots of love Nick x x